Booster: A Booster is a pack of random cards you can buy in the shop.

Capacity: A capacity is the text that appears on the spell or support spell; its impact varies from one card to another.

Deck: A deck is the set of cards that allows one to play. A deck is made of 4 attack spells and 1 support spell.

Elements/Spell Type: There are 7 elements or spell types: Fire (), Earth (), Water (), Ice (), Ether (), Light () and Darkness ().

Extension: An extension is a collection of cards that belong to a specific part of Moonga's universe.

Groups: A group defines an ensemble of attack or support spells. These groups are: Dragons (), Humans (), Faerie (), Doom (), Fantastic creatures (), Beasts and Monsters (), Charms and Atmosphere (), Divine (), Spell Creator (), Mythical creature ().

Power points (/PP): Power points help enhance your attack spell during a round.

Life points (/PV): Life points are represented by a health bar during a round. If you have no more life points, you lose.

Combat Points: They are the attack (), defense () and damages () points of a spell all together.

Attack points (): Are the points that help to defend oneself against an attack () du sort d’attaque adverse.

Defense points (): They are the points that are going to serve to block the attack () of the opposite spell and therefor avoid the infliction of damage points ().

Damage points (): They are the points that are going to determine the number of life points () the opponent will lose if the attack passes.

Direct damage points: They are specific damage points inflicted by an attack spell without it having to pass the defense of the opposite attack.

Prevention: Is a possible reduction of damages points that could happen during a round. For example: "2 damage points dealt to you are prevented" means that the next two damage points that should be imposed are cancelled.

Round: A round defines one of the 4 phases of the game; the confrontation between two attack spells.

Attack spell: An attack spell is the card in its entirety. The card one chooses to confront another.

Support Spell: A support spell is a supplement card to another attack spell.