Moonga is a multi player mobile game. Based on 5 cards you will need to build creative strategies to dominate your opponents cards. The more talented you will be, the better the chances you expand your collection of cards.

  • Impressive & immersive design
  • Interactive & socially challenging
  • Both simple & intense
  • Endless possibilities
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Aodh the Light Aodh the Dark Demon Protector of the Darkness Angel Protector of the Light
Moonga Universe

I am Sadi the Voice of the lands of Moonga, the Holder of its secrets and as of now, the Messenger of this world so dear to my heart.

So it begins …

During almost seven hundred years, the world of Moonga lived under the dominance of a redoubtable empire: the Empire of Sayosia. After the conquest of The Four Continents, plots and treachery gave way to endless wars. Nobody could dethrone the descendants of Mar Saya, the emperor conqueror of the Four Continents. more...


When Kallan Marnordir survived his seventh harsh winter, his father took faith in the idea that he might be able to take pride in his weak and secret child. Kallan Marnordir Senior was a blacksmith and he had no use of his son on the job.
He therefor decided to seek the help of someone to mentor him, but who? Who would accept to tutor a boy as clumsy as Kallan?
Marnodir Senior ventured trough the land in search of a good mentor for the son he almost forgot about. He watched as the doors of his friends and neighbors closed one by one in front of them.more...


To strengthen his position against of the Empire of Sayosia, Marnordir sent two of his Insiders on the continent of Monastia. He believed that these wizards would come across other creatures and forces of nature, other essences, who would create new Spells.

Aodh, one of two Insiders detached in Monastia, left for the mountains region of DursTor, whereas the other Insider, Ileina, gained the floating islands of Densara.
There, the Noras, half men half birds, known for their inclination for hunting, lived peacefully with the Vils-naimas humans. Both races shared their territory, their resources, traded together and united their strengths against foreign attacks.

Until the day Ileina met Lord Norhilton. more...